Off-Campus Housing

Choosing to find your own housing can be difficult to arrange but can have it benefits if the idea of dorm life doesn’t appeal to you. For one, you have a little more flexibility in terms of how close, or far, you want to live from campus. Secondly, you won’t be subjected to the restrictions placed on dorm and homestay students. However, there can be a few drawbacks to it as well, such as, you may need to furnish the place yourself depending on the unit you rent. Furthermore, many places may only rent on a yearly lease, which makes this nearly financially unfeasible for most students who are attending for only one semester. Another thing to keep in mind, is that much of the housing available for students can be quite small, typically only big enough for one person only to live comfortably.

There are some other options available too. If you’re able to get in touch with other students, either before arriving in Japan, or after arriving, there have been students who have rent small houses together on monthly basis.

Whichever option you choose to go, there are rental/leasing agencies available in Hirakata to help you find the right place. The school may be able help put you in touch with one.


  • Renting with a friend or friends could allow you to move into a house rather than an apartment. Remember, you can always move out of the dorms and still get a pro-rated refund.

  • Most single room apartments do not provide the same space and comfort that dorms do and may come unfurnished.

  • However, you are free to have guests over as long as you want since it is your place. Seminar houses have a 10 p.m. curfew for non-resident guests.

  • There are some english sites that provide rental and leasing services in Hirakata. You can try this one Here. Do a Google map search of Hirakata to find the most appropriate district for you. The seminar houses are located in the Kitakatahoko-cho district.

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