Ever wondered what an Izakaya is or have never been to one and would like to go? Below is a collection of the best Izakayas in my opionion, many of them right in Hirakata! There’s two very important words you need to learn before you get to Japan: Nomihoudai Tabehoudai. The first of which means, “All you can drink” and the other, “All you can eat“. Yes, you read that right. For a set price, you can literally get as much as you can drink and as much as you can eat in one sitting! Times typically vary from 2-3 hours or longer and cost around 2000 to 4000+ yen depending on the place/menu options.


Torikizoku Chifaja


One of my personal favourites, while it’s not an all you can eat, trust me when I say your stomach will be equally as satisfied as your wallet. Everything on the menu is ¥280, including alcohol. 

Their menu offers a wide selection of appetizer-sized dishes, while the drink menu serves up a wide variety of mixed drinks and chūhai, as well as sake and beer. Torikizoku lives up to its name, in terms of their cuisine. The majority of the food served is chicken prepared in a variety of different ways, however, the menu does offer several non-carne options for those who don’t eat meat.


  • Ask for キャベツ (Kyabetsu Okawari) or Cabbage. This cabbage salad is amazing, and best of all, refills are free. You can munch on it all night long.

  • Regular beer size too small for you? Order a “Tanrei Biru” for an extra tall mug of beer.

  • Try everything on the menu, even if you’re unsure about it; you will like it. A couple of beer may help for the odder dishes. You’re in Japan, don’t be afraid to experience something new!

  • The new seminar house is closer to the Hirakata Station Torizoku, however, if it’s too busy, head up to Makino station and hit up the Torikizoku there. Often quiter and less busy.

Makino Station - 5 p.m. - 12 a.m.
Hirakata Station 6 p.m. - 2 a.m.


I wish I had gone more often to this gem. It’s really more of a restaurant than a true izakaya however it functions almost one and the same. Chifaja is a grill-yourself, yakiniku restaurant, offering an all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink menu. The food is obviously primarily beef including side vegetables which you grill yourself at your table. As it is all you can eat for a set price, you’re able to order your dishes all together and grill it yourself, providing ample entertainment alone for all guests. Set menu prices are determined by time you wish to stay, starting around ¥ 2000-2500 for an hour for AYCE, and up from there.


  • Seating can be limited to around groups of 4 – 6 people. Arrive early as the place can fill quickly

  • All you can drink and all you can eat are separate menu items so you can do one or the other

  • Close to Hirakata Station with many cabs available for rides home

  • Located in the same building as Jankara Karaoke Bar


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