McDelivery MainI wanted to share a cool experience I encountered in while in Japan. This might not be new for some of  you, however for most of us, we’ve never experienced the awesomeness of McDonald’s that is McDelivery. Yes, you read that right, McDonald’s delivers direct to your door in Japan! And yes, I know you’re in Japan and are probably trying to avoid McDonald’s at all costs but trust me, after waking up from a long night out, you will not want to leave your place on a cold winter morning; which is when McDelivery becomes your new best friend.

Available in only select few countries, and even then, limited to certain cities, McDelivery is actually available in most parts of Japan. There are however a few requirements for home delivery that I’ll explain below first.

  • It is only available between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. (23:00)
  • There is a ¥300 delivery fee (Approx. $3)
  • Minimum order of ¥1500 ($15), or ¥1000 ($10) for morning deliveries
  • Maximum order total for delivery ¥12,000 ($120)
  • Phone number required – Use the seminar phone number if available
In regards to the minimum order, you could ask your flat mate or dorm friends if they’re up to ordering with you and split the costs accordingly.
You will need a phone number that you can be reached at to set up your account and place an order. For those of you who live in the seminar houses, this is not a problem as you can give them the seminar house phone number along with your room number. Oto-San or Oka-San will call you when they arrive. For those of you living in off-campus housing, sorry, hope you have a Japanese cell phone…
McDelivery Address
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To sign-up and order in English or Japanese, you can go HERE. Once you’ve signed up you will need to enter
your delivery address, I really suggest you ask Oto-San/Oka-San or one of your RA’s for help with this. Alternatively, you can try to set it up yourself using the picture to the right. Of course, you will have to make changes such as your seminar house address if you are not living in seminar house 4. Be sure to update your room #, which is also your phone extension.

Note: Your seminar house may be in a different Chome, so be sure to double check your address.
Upon completing your order, they may sometimes call to confirm, especially if you’ve left special instructions. What’s even more cool is that you can track your order too to find out exactly what stage your order is at! That’s it, you’re done, enjoy.


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