Many of you may already know the significance of clubs in the Japanese education system; Kansai Gaidai is no exception to this. Joining a club can be great way to quickly meet many new Japanese friends and truly immerse yourself in the Japanese language and culture in a truly fun an inspiring way. While for the local students, regular attendance and participation may be mandatory, for exchange students, these rules are typically very relaxed. As such, it allows oneself to drop in as it fits your schedule!

Some Clubs at KGU

Martial Art Clubs:

  • Aikido

  • Boxing

  • Judo

  • Karate

  • Kendo

  • Shorinji-Kempo

 Sports Clubs:

    • Basketball

  • Cheerleading

  • Soccer

Cultural Clubs:

  • Calligraphy

  • Himawari (Volunteer Club)

  • Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

  • Koto (Japanese Harp)

  • Tea Ceremony

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