Campus Map

1) East entrance bike lot. Most of you will enter through this side of the campus

2) Student Club Building and Gymnasium. You can freely shortcut through this building. Feel free to drop by some of the clubs!

3) Japanese Cafeteria. Many of you will likely make this part of your daily lunch routine. The food is great, new menu items daily and for very reasonable prices.

4) Amphitheatre/McDonalds/Seattles Best/Book Store.

General hang out area. Something to switch up from the Japanese Cafeteria. Be sure to try out the seasonal menu items at McDonalds. ATM’s are also located here.

5) Student Classroom Building. This building is accessible from all sides. This is a newer building with several floors including a study centre.

6) West Bike Parking Lot.

7) Multipurpose field

8) Student Classroom Building. You will likely not have any classes here. Mostly reserved for Japanese students.

9) Main Administration Building. You will purchase your bike registration ticket here as well as pay your deposit.

10) Student Classroom Building. Mainly reserved for Japanese students.You will not have any classes here.

11) CIE building. You will spend most of your time in this building, whether you’re own campus to learn or just hanging out. Your Japanese language classes will be here.

12) Tanimoto Memorial Hall. You will likely never enter this building unless you’re at KGU for spring graduation ceremony.

13) Library and Hall. The opening ceremony is held in this Hall. Most students almost never use, let alone enter the library.

14) South-East Gate Entrance/Exit

15) Main Gate Entrance/Exit

16) Student Building – Chances are you will have classes here. This building is reserved primarily for the Asian Studies Program courses. There is also an Italian style restaurant located in this building.

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